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Too hot!

Overheating in our homes is likely to become increasingly common with global warming. It’s currently 32deg according to BBC Weather. It’s too hot. So how do we keep our homes cool?   ...

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How many handles have you touched today? Front door. Internal door. Bathroom lock. Kitchen handles. Wardrobe. Tap. Windows. Drawers. Milk. Wine. The unlock function on your phone. They’re all handles ...

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Building ‘permissions’

This wasn’t going to be the next theme for my blog, but I’ve had a few people contact me recently a bit confused about their home projects. This blog is aimed to give you an idea about permissions for...

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So in case you’re reading back through the past blogs, we’re still in Coronavirus lockdown. Week 109,506,493. Its Maprily? Might be June? But either way, in the south east of England it’s warm and sun...

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Natural Insulation

Insulation in buildings is important. It’s like your duvet – it helps to regulate the temperature in your home and keep it constant. It helps to keep it warm in winter, cooler in summer as well as hel...

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Mythbusting architecture

  There are some common myths I’ve come across regarding architects and the build process. Here’s a few:         1.)   Yes, I am female. Not all architects are male! Yes I have h...

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Mass retrofitting

Good fuel economy. Integrated sound and lighting system. Winter package heating system. Coated windows to limit summer overheating. You are all looking at the car aren’t you? I’m not a car sales pers...

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Fuel Poverty

The UK Government are looking at finance to help families in fuel poverty retrofit insulation in their hard to heat home.   I heard something today – there’s no such thing as fuel pov...

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Sustainability.   Tree hugger.   Hippy.   Tree houses.   Millennials.        There are lots of different stereotypical words that get flung around when you me...

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