Why choose Leftfield Studio Architects?


Being a small practice, Leftfield Studio can really focus on what you want to achieve with your home. Working throughout north Kent, including Rainham, Chatham, Rochester and Maidstone, we are familiar with the local area, the local planning and building control departments. We provide a high quality architectural service that goes beyond ‘adding an extra room,’ we listen to what you really want and by understanding your property, we can achieve the best living spaces for you.



I am a fully qualified Architect. Whilst the function of an architect isn’t protected by Law in the UK, the title of Architect is. That means I have completed the required training and passed a registration exam in order to call myself an Architect. Architectural education focuses on forms, functions and spaces, alongside history, technical design and contract law. Being an Architect also means I have a duty to train to remain competent throughout my career.



Whilst an architectural draughtsperson can provide similar drawings, their training focuses on technical drawing and construction rather than design. Architects must be registered with the Architects Registration Board and abide by the strict codes of conduct set by them. These regulations require an Architect to act honestly and professionally, whilst also stipulating how they should protect and safeguard their clients, and manage their business effectively.



We carry professional indemnity insurance and can carry out projects from feasibility through to completion. This can include planning, construction drawings, and contract administration between you and the contractor (builder).


The following links may be a useful read if you are wondering about a project of your own. 



We also work on a freelance basis, so if you have a project that you need some support with, please do contact us. 







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