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Medway Archives, Strood

Repurposing Strood Library to become Medway local history archives



Medway Archives needed a new home when the existing building it was housed in was demolished. The existing library had been moved into the town centre to make it more accessible, so the archives were moved to the redundant library building.


Unlike most buildings, the aim was to reduce the light levels in to the main archive room. The archive environment needs to be carefully controlled to stop the documents degrading. The windows into the main library space were blocked up, and poster frames installed over the openings featuring images from the archive documents. 


The entrance way was amended to provide level access, removing internal steps in the library.


The old library had salmon pink as it’s external colour scheme, including the cladding around the lift tower. The tower was reclad in timber, to provide the archive building with a new identity. 


The project was completed whilst at Clay Architecture.